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Play the second installment of the text twist series. The most important thing in this game is making as many words as you can. For example, there are letters displayed on the screen A R C T U O, the player will have to create as many words as possible among these letters. Some words might be CAR, and TOUR, etc..

Text Twist 2 game suitable for all ages. Parents can completely rest assured when their children play this game, here is a game to help your child:

- This game has a variety of word puzzles, help children improve grammar, and vocabulary skills.
- Must find words in a limited time to help children have the ability to react quickly.
- With challenging gameplay, beautiful graphics, playable in full-screen mode, children are completely unaffected by eyesight.

How to win in the game Text Twist 2 game?

- Add an ‘s’ or ‘es’ to a word because if the word does not exist in the singular form there is the word will it exists in the plural form! Great!

- If you feel stuck pressing, let's use the "twist" button, the player won't lose points, but shuffling the letters can help you find a new word.
- To sort words quickly remember: double letters like "TT" or "DD" often stand side by side or a common suffix like ‘ing. '

And finally, you can use some cheat tools to win like Word Finder or Find a Word. Of course, this shouldn't be :)