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In the technology era, we use the mouse and spacebar for at least three hours a day. If in the office you write documents or make spreadsheets, at home you may simply use them for playing. Seasoned gamers or new fans may want to check the quality and efficiency of their keyboard or gaming mouse.

There are websites created for accurate measurement of the pressing rate. This online counter test is called Space Bar Clicker. You may have several reasons to use it, but since it is necessary for you, we generated this tool for counting the number of taps.

This is a simple time-based test. You just need to tap on the space bar button as quickly as you can. The purpose of the trial is to get the highest result from this counter. Repeat the trial as many times as you want to gain mastery in the spacebar game.

This practical space bar speed clicker provides:

1. The exact number of taps you made

2. Get the exact number of taps after each spacebar clicker test

3. Better performance in the game

4. Competition and fun playing with friends

5. The opportunity to share your clicker trial result

spacebar counter online



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