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Granny Horror is a terrifying first person escape game to enjoy online and for free on You wake up inside of a really disturbing hospital full of blood written messages and no one to help you. There’s only one person inside: a cold-blooded masked granny murderer. Your goal in every one of these levels is to get out of that creepy place without making any noise or being noticed by your killer. Think you can defeat your fear and fool your enemy to get out alive?

If you have a hard time seeing blood, then this game will be a real torture for you. Choose between four levels and start your escape. You have to orientate yourself quickly and quietly, so the bloody granny doesn't hear or see you. Roam through the different rooms, filled with all kinds of medical furniture streamed with blood. Always keep in mind to watch your back - your murderer might be just behind you. Good luck surviving and have fun with Granny Horror!

granny online