chaos faction 2 game

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Chaos Faction the legendary battle game, came back with the second chapter! On the first chapter, you haven't played such a colorful game but in this chapter, everything will be much more better and beautiful. The things that you should do, is to call your friend and set a two player game and have great time with this game. What awaits you in this chapter? Here is the answer; 15 brand new game level, new and powerful weapons, new character movements and lots of thing that we couldn't say. You can play two player games by selecting "DEATHMATCH" option from menu. Let's begin!

Game controls:

On single player game mode:
Move left: "LEFT ARROW"
Move right: "RIGHT ARROW"
Jump: "UP ARROW"
Shield: "DOWN ARROW"
Drop weapon: "D"
Attack 1: "Z"
Attack 2: "X"
Pause: "SPACE"
Taunt: "T"

On two player game mode:

1st Player:
Move left: ","
Move right: "/"
Jump: "L"
Shield: "."
Drop weapon: "D"
Attack 1: "Z"
Attack 2: "X"
Pause: "SPACE"
Taunt: "T"

2nd Player:
Move left: "4" Numpad
Move right: "6" Numpad
Jump: "8" Numpad
Shield: "5" Numpad
Drop weapon: "RIGHT ARROW"
Attack 1: "LEFT ARROW"
Attack 2: "DOWN ARROW"
Pause: "SPACE"
Taunt: "UP ARROW"